Tucker is two years old and began our program November 2016. He is a beautiful child who is having difficulty relating to his peers socially, has speech delays and is generally lagging in his developmental milestones according to a recent administration of Ages and Stages, a validated assessment tool. He resides in Truxton with two older siblings. Mom is a direct care provider and employed at the JM Murray. Dad is unemployable at the present time due to mental health issues and is under treatment. Because Dad is home during the day they are not yet eligible to apply for tuition assistance from the Low Income Day Care Fund of DSS. His disability does not allow him to provide proper care for Tucker. Mom pays $125 of the weekly tuition of $180 for his age category, with assistance from the OPTIONS scholarship fund. This scholarship was last reviewed in February. In her application, Mom stated that “my husband has a mental illness and is trying to apply for Disability, but right now I am the only source of income. This is Tucker’s first time in daycare, he is talking more and is doing very well with potty training.”