OPTIONS Scholarship Program

Impact Story

Frankie was having serious outbursts and couldn’t speak clearly. Grandpa stepped in when the parents lost custody, but he had to continue working and realized that Frankie needed more than in-home care. After several months of attending Cortland Child Development Frankie’s teachers recognized that he could benefit by getting additional support in meeting the developmental targets for his age. With Grandpa’s permission, evaluations were made free of cost by the Health Dept. and Frankie began receiving several therapies each week while at CCD. He will transition to Universal PreK in Sept. at his home school, where therapies will continue.


Program Description

The OPTIONS program offers working families access to high quality childcare, allowing youngsters, including those with special needs, to attend a safe, well supervised, enriched environment. Unique to Cortland Child Development, this program includes tuition assistance respectful of families’ economic circumstances, training for all staff to improve their delivery of early care and education, and supplies that allow lessons to be adapted to each child’s needs.

Due to the increased number of children requiring therapies and intervention, OPTIONS also supports classrooms with additional highly trained staff, ensuring that all children in the group can productively work toward meeting developmental milestones. Children within our community, regardless of their challenges, receive high quality care, giving their parents the confidence to access safe and affordable services, which allows them to meet their own employment responsibilities. All made possible with the support of the OPTIONS program.