Getting Ahead Adult Education Program

Program Description

CAPCO’s Getting Ahead Adult Education Program addresses the learning and education needs of youth and adults (ages 17 and above) who left the traditional K-12 education system without a diploma or with low literacy levels and who are struggling to overcome barriers to employment and higher education. (1) High School Equivalency Prep (HSE Prep) provides young adults and adults with instruction and support services in five subject areas (Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Science, and Math) to prepare them to pass New York State’s TASC™ exam and earn a high school equivalency diploma. (2) Literacy Volunteers of Cortland County ( LVCC) recruits and trains volunteers interested in helping adults with low literacy skills improve their reading, writing and math skills to meet personal and employment goals. LVCC works with referral agencies to recruit adult learners who would benefit from individual one-on-one tutoring. (3) The Getting Ahead Lifeskills workshops help youth and young adults learn and practice problem-solving, team-work, and networking skills essential for improving their employ-ability.

9.8% of Cortland County adults over 25 do not have high school diplomas
24% of those without a high school diploma live in poverty
Reading scores for Getting Ahead Program participants range from 0 to 4th grade level