Funding Available:

To complete the electronic application:

1. Open the application titled “United Way RFP 2019” listed below.

2. Save the file to your computer by clicking the download button in the top right corner (shown below).

3. Exit out of any open browser tabs- Do not open the application in your browser.

4. Open the saved file on your computer (from desktop, downloads, etc) and you will now be able to complete the application.

5. You can save your work at any time by using the save functions and come back to work at any time.

6. When your application is complete, click the “Submit Application” button at the end of the application. Then, follow the directions on the screen to submit your application to us.

United Way RFP 2019

Attachments D & E:

United Way RFP 2019, attachments D & E

This is not a fill in document. Instructions for the attachments are in the RFP.