Crown Leadership Circle


Crown Leadership Circle donors are special individuals and organizations with a strong commitment to a better future for Cortland County. They show this commitment through generously giving to the United Way at a level of $500 or more. They understand that the United Way for Cortland County is a dependable and responsible steward of their gifts. They trust the United Way to allocate funds to programs that effectively and efficiently address high-priority needs in the areas of family support, health, and income in Cortland County. They know that local volunteers decide where their generosity can be put to the best use. They firmly believe in the United Way for Cortland County’s mission to build a stronger community by investing in agency programs that help people improve their lives by providing health and human services, and they choose to support this belief with their generous gifts.


Dana Abbey
Martha Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Bud and Diane Ames
Hon. William and Susan Ames
Mimi Ansbro
Anthony and Janice Argentine
Don and Linda Armstrong
Dr. Roger W. Batchelder
Thomas Knobel and Catherine Bertini
Andrew and Teresa Brush
Kathleen Burke
Patricia A. and James M. Clark
Cortland Rotary Club
Mr. and Mrs. John Cottone
Jeff Craig
Dale Davis
Eddo and Mary T. deLang
Jan and Jim Dempsey
Tony and Patty diGiovanna
Dr. Stuart Douglas and Dr. Marisa Clifford
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. During, Jr.
Cindy and Gary Eberhart
Warren S. Eddy
Bruce & Lisa Eves
John and Barbara Fauth
Jacqueline Fergerson, M.D.
Carol Foster
William J. Francis
Stephen and Janine Franco
Krissy and Jeff Gambitta
Sandy Gay
Gerald Gebhard
Stephen and Deborah Geibel
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Geibel
Philip Hamilton
President and Mrs. Carl Haynes

Joy Hendrick
Elima K. Higgins
Sarah Hinchcliff
Sheryl Holbrook
Mark Holcomb
Carrie and Mark Jackson
Barbara and Charles Jermy
David and Beverly Jones
Kent and Sharon Klanderman
Jarrod and Wendy Kolodziejczyk
Richard and Nancy Kroot
Kristina Lambright
Mike Larkin
The Larry and BJ Wright Charitable Fund
Drs. Donna and Howard Lieberman
Fred and Muriel  Likel
Craig Little
Paul Lorenzo
Joan Luckhurst
Elizabeth and Joseph Ludewig
Garry and Katia Marsted
John and Margaret Mason
Sam and Mary Lou Mason
Terri and Kevin Maxson
Peter McGinnis
Daniel McGough
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McNeil, III
John Miller
James A. Miller
Jane and Mason Morenus
Terry Morse
David and Lynn New
Karen and Tim Niday
Melanie Novick
Susan Orzell
David and Kristin Pennock

Andrew and Susanne Polley
William J. and Lynn M. Pomeroy
Walter and Linda Priest
Doug and Ellen Rahner
Alan and Yee Rausch
Don and Carol Reed
William Reif
Nicholas and Agnes Renzi
Ronald Rivera
Raimona Rowe
Hon. Phillip and Marie Rumsey
Dorothy Sarvay
Kathleen Hennessy and R. Michael Shafer
Karen and John Shirley
Victor and Ann Siegle
Gene and Sharon Signor
Charles and Elizabeth Spaulding
Michael and Kathleen Stapleton
Jeffrey H. Stein DDS
Bradley and Anita F. Stevens
Bruce and Kimberly Stevens
Ellie and Phil Swarr
Philip and Diane Tennant
Angela P. Thurlow
Antoinette Tiburzi
Tupperware Brands Foundation
Brent VanZandt
Bobbiejo Warner
Kenneth and JoAnn Wickman
Ruth Wood
Sharon Yaple
Paul Yesawich, Jr.
Christella and Tony Yonta
Jay Yonta

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